Forex is a sector with a hard basis, no one can limit its effects and manifestations in real life, to be a member of this market there are some tools to help you in achieving value added, and end your transactions with profits, as ironmaster needs iron and fire, and the farmer needs axe, you need some tools we have summarized them as follow:

Flash Chart:
Provide a direct free access to advanced charts and market indicators, our charts provide the traders with adequate trading experience by presentinganalysis for different periods of time and the ability of presenting advanced technical analysis. Our charts also can provide help for investors in tracking the movement of currency price by monitoring and analyzing the market movement. Plus monitoring the log of each currency pair and its latest movement, the traders can enjoy using custom charts and easy in using, regardless of their experience level.

Economic Calendar:
The Economic Calendar provides the users with all international indicators once it issued at live time, the economic calendar gives a direct track for the most important events and the issued daily advertisements that affect the global currency market, the economic calendar includes description for all events and indicates the importance of the effect of each event on the market, also you can see the expected numbers, the immediate and previous ones.

Exchange Rates:
Exchange rates give the trader the opportunity to compare any amount of money in a certain currency to all other currencies for the same amount, the exchange rates table is an important tool for the websites owners and their visitors, as it presents the exchange rates for all main currencies. The webmaster chooses 8 or 9 currency pairs from 180 of the international currencies, and it is displayed on the portion, and assigning a text for the portion as the webmaster prefer.

Trading platform:
Provides three trading platforms assigned to meet your needs and requirements for trading, two of them are from desktop – the first is a version for downloading on windows designed for professional traders, the other is a complete browser platform easy in use. The third platform is mobile trading platform which can be accessed from any smart phone, all these three platforms can have the same username and password, and provide the functions and services of trading with live and historical data for your account balance and open centers.

Trading Tips:
With our easy reading trading tips, you can trade immediately and take intelligent decisions in entering and outing transactions, Our trading tips is as an alert, indicates the best time for buying or selling. The sending trading tips remove the need for continuous chart analysis and keeping up financial news. You can present the products that been touched recently or infiltrated rises and downs on daily or weekly basis, and also seeing which are in the levels or support or resistance. Live commodity prices tool: Table of commodity prices is a vital portion that covers the offers of prices chosen by webmasters or the other users for the most popular commodities all over the world, the table of commodity prices is assigned due to the preference of the user, and the accompanying text for the table inserted beside it. The table of live commodity prices will enrich users' information about commodity markets, and help them in taking best trading decisions.