Armco FX is a registered company

It allows the customer to open only one investment account, and prevents that are open more than one account on the same identity, even if the consent of the client.

Armco FX company, trading company qualified to provide services to customers from around the world, a leading company for ten years in the field of trading via the Internet, our company registered with the best of the European Union censors, provide guarantees and protects the head of the depositor money (which were transferred by the bank customer's account 100%)

In the event that the client's request to withdraw or decided not to deal with the company can retrieve or Estrada capital in two days (under banking procedures) without any conditions or restrictions. Customers enjoy the feature separate deposits for their own company's funds, which track all necessary to maintain the security of funds in addition to the requirements that the company take on all available measures to secure customers for its customers by agreements to control the policy of anti-money laundering bodies.

Armco FX is a global company and licensed under the laws of international banks. The company is registered with the Department of Economic Development in Europe, the Gulf

PO Box 952 784, United Arab Emirates.